Free Paper & Poster Participants


No.NamaInstitusiJudulCase Report / ResearchPoster/Free Paper
1dr. Dina Heri SusantiFK UnairHerlyn-Werner-Wunderlich (HWW) Syndrome: A case seriescase reportFree paper
2dr. Endrawati Tribowo, Sp.RadFk univ islam indonesiaBabygram assissted medical devices positioning, with radiologist best can helpResearchfree paper
3dr. Lailatul muqmiroh, Sp.Rad(K)Fk unairThe radiation dose profile in pediatric interventional cardiology to estimate the stochastic effect risk : preliminary studyResearchFreepaper
4dr. Lina Choridah, Sp.Rad(K)RSUP dr. SadjitoUltrasound utility for predicting human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 and nasopharyngeal carcinoma associated gene 6 expression of breast massResearchfree paper
5dr. Santi SeptikaFK UnairMassive haemoptysis in pulmonary aspergiloma with previous tuberculosis infectioncase reportfreepaper


No.NamaJudulCase Report / ResearchPoster/Free Paper
1dr. Afif rahmanThromboangitis obliterans (buerger disease): a case reportcase reportPoster
2dr.  Agustining rahayuA rare case of intestinal obstruction caused by ascaris lumbricoides at a 4 years old boycase reportPoster
3dr.  Andra prasetyawatiPulmonary arteriovenous malformations mimicking lung tumorcase reportPoster
4dr.  Andre Tjie WijayaA case of gastroduodenal trichobezoar: Rapunzel Syndromecase reportPoster
5dr.  Anitha  MuliyaniBilateral thalamic lesion : Imaging Review of Two Casescase reportPoster
6dr.  Asnita ArifRetroperitoneal Extranodal Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in a 9 year old boy: A case reportcase reportPoster
7dr.  Astri SangadjiA rare case of Gorham Disease with Extensive Maxillofacial involvementcase reportPoster
8dr.  Cynthia PrasetyoOrbital Malignant Melanoma: Comparison between CT and MR Imagingcase reportPoster
9dr.  Dewa Ayu Ratna DewiAcute thoracic aortic dissection : a case reportcase reportPoster
10dr.  Dewa Ayu Ratna DewiA rare age of conventional Intramedullary Chondrosarcoma of Iliac Wing: A Case Reportcase reportPoster
11dr.  Dina Mustikasariimaging features in patient with invaginationcase reportPoster
12dr.  E. AndriawatiRenal replacement lipomatosis mimicking xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritiscase reportPoster
13dr.  Eka FiestanaAn 82 years old woman with pancreatic adenocarcinoma
14dr.  Eristan Nataria NapitupuluDiaphragmatic eventration mimicking congenital diaphragmatic hernia : case reportcase reportPoster
15dr.  Esis Prasasti Indah CEmbolization: a renal artery pseudoaneurysm after percutaneous nephrolithotomy: case reportcase reportPoster
16dr.  Evie Purwitasari LelonoRight sided pulmonary agenesis accompanied with ASD and dextrocardia complication: a case reportcase reportPoster
17dr.  Febrina Mayasari GunawanWunderlich syndrome-giant angiomyolipoma with pseudonaurysm: what radiologist can docase reportPoster
18dr.  Fiona SantosoSubarachnoid haemorrhage with hydrochepalus and vasospasm complication : a case reportcase reportPoster
19dr.  Firman Syarif48 year old man with acquired tracheoesofageal fistula: A case reportcase reportPoster
20dr.  Fitri yatulailiParavertebral muscle metastases mimicking paravertebral rhabdomyosarcomacase reportPoster
21dr.  Fitria yogasariCT imaging of multiple giant sialolithiasis in submandibular glandcase reportPoster
22dr.  Gita Listya poeiMalignant mixed type germ cell tumor of mediastinumcase reportPoster
23dr.  Gofi puspitasariSpecial case : wood humancase reportPoster
24dr.  Inez KartikaHeterotopic ossification in pediatric : a rare case reportcase reportPoster
25dr.  Inez kartikaChest x-ray radiological findings : pulmonary metastases of various primary malignancy in sanglah general hospital, bali, denpasarResearchPoster
26dr.  Inez kartikaA rare case of pediatric medulloblastoma presented with radiologic characterics of pontine gliomacase reportPoster
27dr.  James AlfredYakovlevian torque: a case of a brain asymmetry in a patient with chronic cephalgia, with no neurological deficitcase reportPoster
28dr.  Lie Adityo HansenArteriovenous malformation of branches of the right radial and ulnar arteries : a case by ethanol ablationcase reportPoster
29dr.  Listi WulandariPurely lytic features of osteosarcoma : be familiar with uncommon subtypecase reportPoster
30dr.  Lusiana astutiAtypical choroid plexus papiloma in infant mimicking juvenile meningiomacase reportPoster
31dr.  Luths MaharinaLung ultrasound versus chest radiography for diagnosing pneumonia: a mini systematic reviewcase reportPoster
32dr.  Lydia fitrianaEpendymomas of the fourth ventricle causing obstrictive hydrochepaluscase reportPoster
33dr.  Lydia kuntjoroCase report : advance inflammatory breast carcinomacase reportPoster
34dr.  Maria goretti agni darumurtiSynchronous tibial tumor and lung metastasis of left femur osteoblastic osteosarcoma : a case reportcase reportPoster
35dr.  Merari astutiThrombosis of the vein of galen with milliary TB : a case reportcase reportPoster
36dr.  Merliana debyantiMore than 5 years survival rate of unresectable hepatocelullar carcinoma in elderly with transarterial chemoembolizationcase reportPoster
37dr.  Mirana Dian KrisantiLithopedion : a rare case of calcified abdominal pregnancy with abscess formationcase reportPoster
38Dr.  dr. Mirna muis, Sp.RadGestational gigantomastiacase reportPoster
39dr.  Muhammad arss budi purwitoVertebrobasilar dolichoectasia complicated with severe hydrocephalus obstructivecase reportPoster
40dr.  Muhammad Iqbal6-years-old boy with legg-calve-perthes diseasecase reportPoster
41dr.  Nane SitiCT esophagography in a patient with an esophageal perforationcase reportPoster
42dr.  Noor hadiJuvenilenasopharyngeal angiofibromacase reportPoster
43dr.  Nur Hayati, M.MedEdUreterocele associated with a duplex collecting system: a rare case reportcase reportPoster
44dr.  NurmaliaMalignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in the right distal femur with retroperitoneal neurofibroma in patient type-1 neurofibromatosiscase reportPoster
45dr.  Patrisia PuspapriyantiEmbolization of symptomatic intramural uterine fibroid  : a case reportcase reportPoster
46dr.  PramiadiIntra arterial heparin flushing for cerebral venous thrombosis in chronic ischemic stroke: a case reportcase reportPoster
47dr.  Prasasti PurnandhiahCorrelation of ultrasound features and mRNA expression of estrogen –progesterone receptor in breast cancerResearchPoster
48dr.  Putu aditha satya putraIdiopathic intracranial hypertension as the unusual presenting manifestation of rickets : a case reportcase reportPoster
49dr.  Raden Yagi AnantaTuberous sclerosis complex: a rareneurocutaneus disordercase reportPoster
50dr.  Redi EkaCerebellopontine Angle Paragangliomacase reportPoster
51dr.  RestaUltrasound guided percutaneous nephrostomy (PCN)case reportPoster
52dr.  Ria WibawaniA week old baby girl, with congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation: a rare casecase reportPoster
53dr.  Riko FitraRole of presurgical endovascular embolization in juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma : a case reportcase reportPoster
54dr.  Rustiari DataGallbladder Carcinoma: a Case Reportcase reportPoster
55dr.  Ryan IndraYolk Sac Tumor of The Testicular in 3 Years Old Boy: a case reportcase reportPoster
56dr.  Saiful anamVenous lymphatic malformation as an emergency orbital lesioncase reportPoster
57dr.  Selvi Oktaviana PA Rare case of Mesenterial Lymphangioma In 4 years old boycase reportPoster
58dr.  Sherly eva wijayaningrumRadiologic-pathologic correlation of ewing sarcoma : a case report of 19 years old girlcase reportPoster
59dr.  Sherly eva wijayaningrumGiant bullae : a rare case of recurrence after bullectomy in a 2-year-old boycase reportPoster
60dr.  Siti Fatima AzzahraCerebrospinal fluid ascites : a rare complication of ventriculoperitoneal shunt in craniopharingioma patientscase reportPoster
61dr.  SNA Ratnasari devi, Sp.RadA Case report : abdominal tuberculosiscase reportPoster
62dr.  Sri nurwatiBrain infiltration of acute lymfoblastic leukemia : a rare casecase reportPoster
63dr.  SulistomoPost Operative  Evaluation after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction using Magnetic Resonance Imagingcase reportPoster
64dr.  Tatok RudihartoCrohn’s disease with retroperitoneal abscess in an 18-year old womencase reportPoster
65dr.  Vina devi wijayaDiagnostic dilemma in small single ring enhancing lesion in the brain : a case report of a serial MRIcase reportPoster
66dr.  WahyuniRenal cell carcinoma in 58 years old male: a case reportcase reportPoster
67dr.  Wenda AnastasiaUrachal Patent with Unilateral Vesicoureteral Reflux and Vesicovaginal Fistula in Newborn: A case reportcase reportPoster
68dr.  Widiana ferriastuti, Sp.Rad(K)Case report : male patient with mandible resorptioncase reportPoster
69dr.  Wyka FaulaniA 56 years old female patient with systemic sclerodermacase reportPoster
70dr.  Yoan budimanA case of intraabdominal neuroblastoma combined with congenital renal anomaliescase reportPoster
71dr.  Yolanda sitompulBreast cancer in young women in medancase reportPoster
72dr.  Yovana MamesahA rare case of Splenic Hamartomacase reportPoster
73dr.  Norma Sari DewiHigh Grade Cystic Gliomacase reportPoster
74dr.  Leksmana Arry CMalrotation with Midgut Volvuluscase reportPoster
75dr.  Latief AmarGiant Isoattenuating Angiomyolipoma:CT Imaging Appearancescase reportPoster