About Jogja


Yogyakarta also Jogja or Jogjakarta, is a city and the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia. It is renowned as a center of education (Kota Pelajar), classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. Yogya means “suitable, fit, proper”, and karta, “prosperous, flourishing”.

Yogyakarta is where the Javanese language is at its purest, Java’s arts at their brightest and its traditions at their most visible. Fiercely independent and protective of its customs, and still headed by its sultan, whose kraton remains the hub of traditional life, contemporary Yogya is nevertheless a huge urban centre complete with cybercafes, malls and traffic jams, even as it remains a stronghold of batik, gamelan and ritual.

Yogyakarta, modern city that is neat, be a decent shelter and humane, has a cultured society, and the government-oriented public service. Yogyakarta as the area of culture-based tourism that relies on the strength and excellence of local culture and can become the locomotive of development of Yogyakarta Special Region as a whole.

Put it all together and you have Indonesia’s most liveable and lovable city, with countless hotels offering the best value in Java across all price ranges. Its restaurants are tasty and there are cultural attractions everywhere you look within the city and on the outskirts, where you’ll find Indonesia’s most important archaeological sites.


The city of Yogyakarta is an administrative part of the Yogyakarta Special Region which has the status of a province in Indonesia. The regencies of Bantul and Sleman have population densities far higher than the surrounding countryside (over 1,500 per square kilometer) and are effectively dormitory communities of the greater area of Yogyakarta. Within the greater Yogyakarta area lies the city of Yogyakarta called Kota Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta Special Region having 4 regency and 1 city:
1. Kulon Progo the capital is Wates
2. Sleman the capital is Sleman
3. Bantul the capital is Piyungan
4. Gunung Kidul the capital is Wonosari
5. Yogyakarta City.


Climate in Yogyakarta features tropical wet and dry climate (Aw) as the precipitation in the driest month, August is below 60 mm. The wettest month in Yogyakarta is January with precipitation total 392 mm. The climate is influenced by the monsoon. The annual temperature is roughly about 26 to 27 Celsius. The hottest month is April with average temperature 27.1 Celsius.